One of the important aspects of the School is to identify and develop the special skills and talents of each Child. This includes

* Music lessons (Vocal and Instrumental)
Our Choir : The Faith Children's Choir , is a well-spoken of choir with different tunes blending in with exotic flavours of notes. Proudly trained by a voice trainer and winning awards for the Glory of God. Music Lessons (Keyboard and Guitar ) are being taught by professionals, helping the children to improvise their talents.

* Dance
An art by itself is a crowd snatcher among the children The children are trained in western dance form and made to perform on special occasions.

* Skating
Stay Healthy and keep Skating ... An indoor sport where the kids try out their risks.

* Chess
A big mode of concentration taught to our kids to compete on higher levels.

* Basket Ball
An active sport with a lot of energy for our Faith schoolers, trained by a professional and taken out for state and national levels.